This was a TVC created for Specsavers which tells the tale of a visually impaired Rapunzel awaiting her brave Optometrist to arrive on his steed, overcoming a vicious dragon on his quest. Jelly Kitchen directed this piece, with storyboarding from Sam Burton, while I was tasked with steering the visual style through character design and style frames. Jelly Illustration artist Chervelle Freyer created each background/setting design and worked collaboratively with an in house creative team to reimagine this classic tale. The team used cel animation for characters and After Effects compositing to bring it all together.

Client: Specsavers
Studio: Jelly Kitchen
Illustration: Chervelle Freyer & Jacob M Wolf
Animation: JJ Shim, Nicolette Van Gendt, Roly Edwards
Colour & Compositing: Sam Burton, Jacob M Wolf